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Help our value customers to own state-of-the-art solution with lowest TCO

BPI values to Customer

•Fast response, all of our employees are SMEs working in this area for many years, so we can response immediately

•Quick delivery, we have stock for all the equipment, we have shorter delivery time.

•Fully customer oriented, by using latest technology, flexible to work out solution to cater specific requirement from customers.

•Proven solution and innovated design. BPI equip our solution with latest technology in the industry and the proposed solution is proven to be reliable by our customers.

•Cost efficiency, by using BPI advanced design to optimize the network efficiency, reduce equipment cost and labor cost.

•Reliable business partner. BPI is a credible business partner based in high credit business system.

Pain points to work with traditional vendors

•Slow response, lack of Subject Matter Experts(SME) make the response very slow

•Long lead time, zero stock and fussy contract process

•Complex traditional solution, long deployment time

•High price due to legacy technology require more equipment and implementation effort