BPI Info Tech

Connecting for Now

 BPI Info Tech is a leading End-to-End Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Solution provider and professional consultancy dedicated to Enterprises and Organizations looking for digital transformation. With deeply  understanding of leading-edge technology and  rich project experience in ICT industry, we provide our customers state-of-the-art solution with minimum Capex and Opex.  


 Business Scope

Telecom Solution, help customers have state-of-the-art networks with minimum TCO:

    - FTTH (Hotel/Hospital/Residential)

    - Satellite Communication

    - Independent Telecom Consulting

    - Container Data Center

Building ELV Solution

    - Hotel and Resort

    - Residential

    - Hospital

    - Shopping mall

    - Office Building

Smart City Solution

    - Smart Trasport

    - Smart Energe

    - Smart Parking

    - Smart Home

    - Smart Education

    - Smart Security