BPI Info Tech is an expert to provide one-stop ELV solution design and solution deployment for Hotels and Resorts. 

For a five-star hotel, the EVL requirements including:

1) Data, Telephone and SMATV System for each guest room

To allow guest use WiFi or Data points for Internet access, make internal and local call by using fixed phone in the guest room and watch TV at guest room.

2) CCTV System

All the public area need to be monitored to make sure Hotel is the safe place for all guests. Including Corridor, List lobby and inside lift car, car park, hotel main gate, etc.

3) Public Address System

Celling speakers, Box speakers and outdoor speaks are necessary for hotel management to announce importance message to the guests and make the hotel fell more comfortable.

4) Fire alarm system

Smoke sensors, manual alarm point and alarm bells will be deployed in public area and guest rooms.

5) Hotel Door Lock

IC door lock is necessary for each guest room, also IC enabled lift gives customer great feeling of hotel security.

6) IT Operation System

The hotel operation system includes basic functions for daily operation, such as: room reservation, house keeping, F&B billing, cashier, reception, audit and reports.

7) BMS System

Building Management System to manage all the electrical devices in the Hotel. The sample design is as following: 

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