BPI Info Tech is professional to provide one-stop ELV solution design and solution deployment for residential buildings. 

For a high-end condo, the EVL requirements at least including:

1) Pre-built Data, Telephone and SMATV Cabling for each house

Pre-built data, phone and SMATV cabling allow residential owner easy to choose operators, as well as limited impact on install equipment. It is necessary to create a quiet and clean living area.

2) CCTV System

All the public area need to be monitored to make sure proper and residents security.

3) Public Address System

Box speakers and outdoor speaks are necessary for condo management to announce importance message, or play nice background music during special days.

Sample PA design

4) Video Intercom System

Using Video Intercom system to control visitors to access condo is an effective way to increase condo safety.

5) Fire alarm system

Smoke sensors, manual alarm point and alarm bells need to be deployed in public area and function rooms.

6) Car Park system 

Welcome to contact BPI local office for detailed information.